An Approved Curriculum for the Use of De-escalation Strategies and Restrictive Interventions.    


An Approved Curriculum for the Use of De-escalation Strategies and Restrictive Interventions.

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Professional Solutions is a Training and Consulting firm that developed Evidence Based Protective Interventions (EBPI) curriculum. EBPI is a North Carolina State Approved prevention and alternative to restrictive, seclusion and re-straint curriculum that replaces the NCI curriculum.


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EBPI Replaces NCI

Become a Certified Trainer or Certified Trainer Coach When participants successfully complete the Three to Four-day Trainer or Trainer Coach Certification Program, they’ll leave with the skills, competency’s and the resources to begin training staff immediately. Course fee includes:
• Comprehensive Instructor Guide
• Access to EBPI website
• All resources are website based including all Manuals, Trainers Guide, Activities, Power Points etc.
• Website Access to Physical Techniques Video
• Website Access to Actual Classroom Presentations of Prevention Training Videos
• No Expensive Videos or Additional Materials Fees
• All Tests Are Randomized and Pulled Down Directly from the Website
• All Certificates are Downloaded and Fully Completed from the Website

ALL MATERIALS, MANUALS, TESTS, CERTIFICATES AND VIDEOS ARE FREE AND INCLUDED IN THE INITIAL COACH OR TRAINER FEE. Register Today Current NCI Instructors are welcomed to transition to EBPI in a four (4) hour refresher class. NCI Instructors with at least 5 years of experience can qualify as coaches to certify and recertify instructors within the provider agency. Go to www.EBPIweb.com for more information, course prices and to register for classes.


Professional Solutions. LLC. members, administration and staff are committed to providing supports and services in humane and safe space environments that demonstrate respect for individuals challenged with mental health issues, substance abuse and developmental disabilities. This can best be done by staff who are trained: 1) To prevent and avoid the use of physical interventions and 2) To use them safely and only as a last resort. The goal of this training program is to teach skills that help prevent the use of restraints, seclusion or isolation time out. Staff is the key to reaching that goal. It is important that people caring for, treating and supporting people with disabilities, know how to communicate to create positive relationships, to treat others with respect and to handle themselves when the going gets tough.

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