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About us

Professional Solutions is a Training and Consulting firm that developed Evidence Based Protective Interventions (EBPI) curriculum. EBPI is a North Carolina State Approved prevention and alternative to restrictive, seclusion and restraint curriculum. This curriculum uses evidenced based models like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person Centered Theory, Motivational Interviewing, Social Learning Theory, Solution Focus therapy, Crisis Intervention Strategies, and more to address staff competencies mandated by many States. This curriculum also has a Base and Base Plus component for the physical techniques which mirrors those in the North Carolina State approved curriculum (NCI). The optional physical techniques have been dressed down to those that instructors over the years state that they use the most and has assisted staff in significantly reducing challenging and aggressive behaviors.

Professional Solutions administration and staff are committed to providing supports and services in humane and safe space environments that demonstrate respect for individuals challenged with mental health issues, substance abuse and developmental disabilities. This can best be done by staff who are trained 1) to prevent and avoid the use of physical interventions and 2) to use them safely and only as a last resort. The goal of this training program is to teach skills that help prevent the use of restraints, seclusion or isolation time out. Staff is the key to reaching that goal. It is important that people caring for, treating and supporting people with disabilities, know how to communicate to create positive relationships, to treat others with respect and to handle themselves when the going gets tough.

In the course of human services and working with people, we are asked to be many things —teacher, coach, nurse, sounding board, role model. It is challenging work, but there are many rewards. The main one is seeing the people that we are working for improve the quality of their lives. Hopefully, the attitudes and skills learned within these training modules will help bring that about.



Richard McDonald, MS, QP, LCAS-A Richard McDonald, is the CEO and Managing Director of Professional Solutions, LLC. Mr. McDonald has thirty five (35) years in the human service field which includes: providing services to at-risk youth; senior citizens; ex-convicts and; individuals that are challenged with substance use, develop-mental and intellectual disabilities issues. Mr. McDonald has a Masters in Mental Health Counseling, a Licensed Clinical Addiction Associate and has served as the Therapeutic Foster Care Executive Director for One Love Periodic Services, a child placement agency in North Carolina, and as residential clinical coordinator and qualified professional for ARC Services, Inc. (currently Monarch). As the principal trainer for Professional Solutions and as a North Carolina Interventions (NCI) Instructor Trainer, Mr. McDonald has trained and supervised over one hundred NCI Instructors. Mr. McDonald is also currently certified to train and certify for licensing; foster and adoptive parents for the North Carolina Department of Social Services. Mr. McDonald has used his myriad of experiences in the field and feedback from numerous human service and behavioral experts to develop EBPI and other programs under the umbrella of Professional Solutions, LLC.

Mr. McDonald has used his experiences in the field and feedback from human service and behavioralexperts to develop EBPI.


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